About Nithi

Nithi Narayanan - image of woman smiling

Hey there! I'm Nithi (pronounced Nih • thee, and my pronouns are she/her). I'm an iOS engineer & product designer, currently building at Daffy. Welcome to my little corner on the Internet. Having a background in mobile, I bring additional context for interface design to my design practice.

In my free time, I enjoy—

📚 Reading
🧘🏽 Doing yoga & pilates
🎵 Listening to EDM
🏙 Exploring the city
🐦 Talking about design on Twitter!


Daffy, Founding Engineer

Designing and building a mobile app to help people be more generous. Daffy allows you to create your own donor-advised fund to make giving to non-profits a habit.

Twitter, Software Engineer

Created components and system-wide features for iOS platforms, such as dark mode, Twitter for Mac, pinned lists, and OS updates after WWDC. Was a design apprentice for the Health team.

Hypeshot, Head of Design

Led design for Hypeshot, a sports streaming Chrome extension turned investment platform. Also contributed to front-end engineering using React.js.

IDEO CoLab, Design Fellow

Went through the human-centered design process for a few projects under the Dynamic Workforce and Financial Systems pillars during the CoLab's Makeathon and Fellowship.

Yelp, Software Engineering Intern

Built the Collections detail page, and analyzed A/B tests and experiments to evaluate the effectiveness of onboarding changes.


UC Berkeley, Undergraduate Student

Obtained a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science, with a focus on human-computer interaction and design.

iOS DeCal, Instructor

Taught a student-run iOS development class of ~100 students each semester at UC Berkeley. Served as teaching assistant (x1), Head TA (x1), and then course instructor (x2).


Apple, WWDC Scholar

Won the 2019 WWDC scholarship by creating an interactive Playground that teaches computational design.

Accel, Scholar

Selected to participate in Accel's mentorship program in partnership with UC Berkeley.