Case Studies


Turning sports bets into an investment vehicle.

Led design and did front-end development for a product that autonomously makes sports bets on investors' behalf.

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Disrupting the résumé to show your true self.

Prototyped a platform with IDEO that allows job applicants to show their skills, projects, and personality through custom cards.

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IOT Home

Imagining automation in the home of the future.

Imagined a design for a system that helps people manage their smart devices, such as personal assistants and appliances.

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Creating a virtual space for reflection and healing.

Designed and developed a virtual healing space to improve mental health both on an individual and community level.

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A modern, mobile-first donor advised fund that helps you make giving to charity a habit.

Twitter, Health
Worked as a designer on various projects aimed to reduce toxicity, spam, and abuse on the platform.

Crypto Capsule
Prototyped with IDEO CoLab. Ensuring the accessibility of a crypto wallet after the owner passes away (wills on the blockchain).

A decentralized application that manages research projects (to protect IP), and facilitates licensing.